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August 24, 2005


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Timothy Appnel

Octopussy was by far the worst Bond film of all time. Anyway, I recommend MythBusters, Wednesday night on the Discovery Channel. It's must see TV for any self respecting geek.


David Jacobs

Have you watched The Wire ?


No, I tried watching it a year or two ago, and never really got into it--not sure why. Should I? :)

Krissy from the TypePad team

"Battle of the TV Reality Stars" (or whatever it's called) on Bravo is unwatchable, but I was very excited to see evil Wendy and Austin Scarlett from "Project Runway" competing.

The Kathy Griffin show is entertaining.

David Jacobs

I would go so far as to say The Wire is the best of all the HBO franchises, and also it's the best crime drama in television history. The catch is you have to watch all the episodes in order, and in relatively fast succession. It's also a little slow in the beginning, since they have so many characters and settings to introduce. But the payoff is tremendous.

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