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August 29, 2005


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Andrew Anker

Bleh... I only got 8 right too, but at least I knew the triangle math. I made stupid mistakes, but then Mena was talking to me the entire time I took it.


Yeah, I was very surprised how hard I had to concentrate while taking it.

Math is hard!

Matt Haughey

10/10! Anil would be proud that I've taken to using excel instead of a calculator.


Matt Haughey

You didn't use a calculator?

David Jacobs

I got 9/10. I missed the cube question because I insisted (to myself) than a cube had 9 sides.

Of course using a spreadsheet is cheating!

David Jacobs

Err, a spreadsheet or a calculator. I assumed the test was to be done in your head or on pencil and paper, but even that was a stretch.

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