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April 22, 2006


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Interesting... not sure I really like them, but they intrigued me enough to put them on my "Current" playlist so I can give them a fair chance.

btw thanks for the heads up on the Hype Machine. That's a great site. I made it one of the link providers for the Trizzle Project.

- djchall


So why does Amazon say the album is not yet released?


I also recommend Devotchka or Tin Hat Trio if you like Beirut. He is playing in NYC very soon, something like the band's third show ever.

Barak, the album comes out May 9th, but you can get it mail order directly from Ba Da Bing Records.


I'm starting to like these guys more, as it comes up on my ipod nano, which is now almost exclusively loaded with music from 2006. I guess I should buy the album since I'm still listening to the free mp3s I got from the hype machine.

King of VOX

Holy crap. I just heard this for the first time today. Wow.

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