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July 13, 2006


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"Histoire de Melody Nelson" - that sounds suspiciously similar to a username/password combination I've had to enter many times in the past two and a half months.


yay! comments are enabled on this post now.

djchall: fired! for giving out s3kr1t stuff! ;)

anyway, that afghan wigs album cover is indeed best ever.

although the bummer is that i can't look at it, or listen to the music on that album most of the time. it's TOO good, if that makes any sense.

kinda like the film 'leaving las vegas', it's intense, and it takes me somewhere uncomfortable that i can't handle a lot of the time. sort of like an agitated depression...? i feel the protagonist's place in the universe at that point, but along with my own common sense (that probably cause me to never end up there in the first place) that trigger some sort of a rage/urge to break out and change a situation instead of letting things happen to me. although it also makes me sad that they couldn't do the same at the time.

Darren Andrews

[this is good] Hi my 3 favourite album covers, would have to be the velvet underground

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