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August 20, 2006


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That article was awesome. Funny that it made it to digg and delicious/popular.


I was really down on Crossworld.  I really wanted it to be good, but it just wasn't.  The author was way too infatuated with the idea of the book and not nearly enough with telling good stories about people other than himself.

I liked the crossword documentary currently playing -- Wordplay.  Well worth seeing.

Carlo Felice Dalla Pasqua

Envy. I still cannot show my italian books since they're not sold by Amazon... Great book, however (Crossworld, I mean)


I'll second that recommendation for Wordplay. Neat bit with Clinton in it, actually. Be forewarned, it oddly comes to a dead stop tempo-wise partway through and then picks right up again. Strange, clearly intentional, unusual editing choice.

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