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September 21, 2006


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Clinton Global Initiative is a great idea as seen here: Branson pledges $3B to fight climate change.   I don't share your view in watching reality tv (proud member of the 1%), but I am pumped that new episodes are starting up again.

Jett Black

not in the vien of what your talking about here, but i saw mena on TED
and your a handsome guy, but your a pretty hot woman too,
so that you got banjo hate mail.


that new top model makes me super happy.  thanks for the link to the tyra mail.


I am a Project Runway lover, that show makes me tingle with joy. I was Bill Clinton on the Daily Show and I think he kicks ass! I wish he would go on my favorite show ever The Colbert Report.


I like Tyra..! her talk show and her next top model are totally addictive... but I like Project Runway better than Tope Model, I'd say..


Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Ben....
Happy Birthday to you.

My gift to you is to stay out of your hair for an entire day...okay a good part of the day. Let's just say I'll try to stay out of your hair for a bit today :)


My name is Ben.  And I write about TV...

So I followed the link on the front page hoping for my blog, but found yours.  Oh well!  :-)

Kevin Wolf

Well-played, good sir.

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