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October 16, 2006


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I must confess that I too will get up on my hind legs for bacon and try to give that look.

Man, that salad looks good, too.


That is salad Lyonnaise, which is my utter favorite.  Substitute American bacon for Irish bacon or lardons and it  takes it way over the top for me.  My problem is finding well mannered frisse, which here on the East Coast seems to only come in the firm unmanageable type.


yum.. our kitchen will be done in 4 months! in the meantime, today's lunch was kraft easy-mac (with truffle salt, LOL)


Did you make that? I love this salad. Fresh but has the protein to last.

There is an excellent frisee salad with bacon and egg at Cafe Couleur. If the wheather is nice, you can sit outside and pretend you are in Paris. I live just up the big hill from there (and eat there all the time) so if you do try this place, let me know. I'll join with a giant baby ; )

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