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December 12, 2006


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I can see the scene when I get back from Europe:

Ben: Hey dear, welcome back... oh by the way, I donated all our money to the Coup.
Mena: What?!
Ben: They're the Best. Band. Evah!
Ben: Oh, and I gave them Maddy. Bands need dogs too.


[this is good] I'm listening to them right now on Rhapsody while reading blogs online.  I find myself totally bouncing to the beat.  Pooka justcame out asking, "Ma, do you like that song???"

"Yah, I do, do you?"

Smiles and shakes her head and said, "Sounds kinda funny..."

Haha!  This was when the Laugh/Love?F*** was playing... :)


Wow... that's really sad.  Glad they're okay.

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