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April 19, 2007


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[this is good] I have a similar process, though it's a little more automated. I make smart playlists of the ten tracks that were a) added in the last three months and b) played the most each month c) aren't jazz or classical and then drop them in folders in my iTunes' source window.

The reason for (a) is that I don't always get around to listening to new stuff right away--info glut--and to make sure that my top ten tracks each month aren't all from The Mountain Goats or The Clash or Madonna.

It's a great way to easily make snapshots of where you were at a moment in your life, and is especially nice if you want to, say, go back a few months down the road and burn pictures and videos to a DVD with a nice little soundtrack of stuff you were listening to at the time they were taken.

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