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March 12, 2008


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giusec .

Hi Ben, not sure if this is the right place, but let's try.
Just tested the plug-in. Everything works just fine with the exception of the map. Map is simply not loaded. I got an email-notification from my cron job

Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /home/giusec/public_html/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/FireEagle/fireeagle.pl line 288.

This has something to do with this line:

if ( $geo->{type} eq 'Point' ) {
return sprintf "http://maps.google.com/staticmap?size=%s&markers=%s,reda&zoom=%d&key=%s",

Not sure if this is the real reason for the map not loaded. Any thoughts? Where else can I post my question?

You can see results (no map) on my blog and my test blog sidebars. I am using exactly the same widget listed on the readme-file.




Sorry to bother and thanks in advance


giusec -- I think they updated the JSON version of the API yesterday, from a discussion I saw last night on the mailing list. The "geojson" element is now called "geometry", iirc. I'll do an update to the plugin today to use the new element name.

giusec .

OK, thanks. In fact, i get that error (line 288) every time the cron job runs.

Once you re-pot the plugin, should we reinstall the entire plugin or just few files?


Okay, I've uploaded a new version of the plugin: version 1.02. Once you've downloaded it, you can replace plugins/FireEagle/fireeagle.pl with the new version; that should fix the problem.

giusec .

in fact, it works now. Thanks. No longer error messages from the Cron Job. Still no map, but this is probably another story.

Robin Hamman

Any chance there's a way to get this working with Typepad? Very cool...


I installed the plugin but i cannot seem to find the:

5. Navigate to your profile, and click on "Configure Fire Eagle"

Help, what am I missing.

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