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July 13, 2008


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Xris Ernest Hall

Ah, nice tip. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is a must-own album. I'm now subscribed to the twitter feed.

Shlomi Fish


I'm sorry that I have to comment on your blog post, but I have no choice because the email address on:


Bounced from gmail, and I could not find your newest one online (including not on this site). Please update your CPAN email address.

I wanted to send you this:


Hi Mr. Trott!

I started to enhance and fix bugs and limitations with XML-Feed here:


I'd like to upload my enhancements to the CPAN and to also be able to
close bugs, so I'm requesting you for a co-maintainer status.

This is my CPAN author page:


I already have become a co-maintainer of Error.pm, XML-RSS, and
XML-SemanticDiff, and naturally initiated many modules of my own.


Shlomi Fish



I have to agree, I recently discovered Amazon's MP3 store and I am completely smitten.

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