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October 27, 2008


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celeste w

Ben, I don't mean to bother you and Mena, but I know you both are busy and I'm using every channel I can to reach you in this short week before this important election.

In 2004, you and Mena posted my Typepad Republican Switchers blog to eyebeam, and that helped it get tons of traffic right before the election.


A friend and I just updated it for this election, and think it will be a great last-week strategy, especially for folks like Mena's mom (which I just happened to see right now on Twitter.)

If you can help spread the word in some way, asking folks to pass it on to the undecideds and conservatives in their lives (esp. in toss-up states) that would be wonderful.

Thanks for your consideration!

P.S. I have several blogs on Typepad:


http://inprogress.typepad.com/studio501c (for nonprofits)

http://comnetwork.typepad.com (for a national association of philanthropy communicators)

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