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October 21, 2008


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Just posted this over on the original blog:

I've actually seen these before. Around 7 years ago, my friend and I were incredibly high and wandering the local Safeway looking for something to eat. My friend, who at the time was the head purchaser of organic foods for another grocery chain, excitedly dragged me over to the frozen foods aisle to show me packages of not only broccoli, but corn and other frozen items as well, with teeny tiny little faces 'shopped in to very inconspicuous places. My friend dealt with the company regularly and he told me that they were the faces of employees and their children.

Months later, I would remember this experience while shopping with a new girlfriend. I dragged her over to show her the faces, but alas there were none to be found, and I was thought to be insane. I called my friend right there on the spot and he confirmed to me that the company had changed hands or management or something, and the little heads had stopped appearing.

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