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December 09, 2008


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what's funny is that, for a split second, i thought that was you and mena. but then i realised you'd have the good sense not to match that guy's facial hair.

Steve Calderon

Sometimes when Rudy is sleeping, he has dreams where he's that dog.


When we're reading stories about wolves, Penelope and I like to joke that that's how Maddy sees herself: as a proud, strong wolf, as opposed to a funny little ratty terrier.

It's not nice to laugh at a dog, I guess, but it's fun.

David Recordon

Now we just need the smallest horse!

Steve Calderon

Ha! We do that too with Rudy. In fact, we've sort of developed in to a whole wolf family, complete with spontaneous howling around the house. He loves it. We've even adopted Maddy in to the wolf family when she's stayed with us.

John U



That dog's going to give me nightmares!


could you ride him?


no i cant ride him


What breed of dog is it?


yeah what type of dog is that


what kind of dog is that that thing is a BEAST


all iu have to say is if an of you guys seen a white or gray geremanshepherd stay away because he killed a girls grandfather.

Bla at Bla

Mastiff.. It's a Mastiff...

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