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January 27, 2009


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You've just nominated the two movies I've seen this year (...almost)

Alex Deve

Wall-E clearly deserved to be nominated!

Rahul Ganjoo

I agree. I saw the Reader and seriously, it was quite boring. Just because it deals with the subject of holocaust doesn't automatically make it a great/intense movie. First half was child porn disguised as artsy stuff. Second half was rather un-impactful. Dark Knight was a better movie on so many levels and I am not even a super-hero movie buff.

Anyways, this time around I'll be rooting for A R Rahman, the Indian dude who got a nod in the best score/best song/best mixing categories. I've adored his work for so long now and it's amazing to see him get some global recognition at this level.

Michael Sippey

What will suck is that they'll probably do some lame "tribute to the movies" this year during the Oscars which will include heavy handed nods to both Wall-E and The Dark Knight* as their way of saying "look! even commercial films are good now!"

* Though a floating Eve blasting lasers at whiny Maggie Gyllenhall would be pretty cool.

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