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February 16, 2010


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Mat Honan

Have you tried one? My iPhone Kindle app was a gateway drug to the Kindle for me, and now I strongly prefer the latter. The former now seems almost unusable for anything other than, say, looking up recipes in Cook's Illustrated. The e-ink is a far superior reading experience for anything long form--I now read all my long-form articles from the Web on my Kindle thanks to Instapaper. It's not very heavy, certainly it's less of a pain to carry than a hardback book. I think were you to give one a shot for a week or two, you'd be hard pressed to go back to the iPhone.


@Mat: no... for me, the iPhone Kindle app has definitely inspired me to do most of my reading via Kindle titles (and, fwiw, I'm reading much more than I did before), but I haven't yet tried to use an actual Kindle. I probably should try one before making a blanket statement like "I don't think I'd necessarily want a free Kindle", shouldn't I? :)

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