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July 16, 2003


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My wife and I love "What Not To Wear". Only, I try not to let on that I like it. (My wife has even begun taping the show to share with her friends at work!)

I prefer the BBC's Trinny and Susanna to TLC's Wayne and Stacey, but even Wayne and Stacey are growing on me. I like the Americanized TLC episodes better, actually, because they're more in-depth, allowing for a larger focus on the process and outcome of the makeover.

The most recent episode we watched was almost moving: a dowdy matron with a penchant for holiday-themed and seasonal-themed sweaters is transformed into an almost fashionable older woman. And, too, I love the "I look FABULOUS!" episode in which Wayne and Stacey makeover a dumpy middle-aged man. He's a goof!

The BBC version is fun, though, especially watching the British freedom to talk about (and touch) tits and ass as if it's not big deal!

Still, my favorite of this genre of shows is the BBC's "Ground Force" with Alan Titschmarsh: like "Changing Rooms" or "Trading Spaces" but with gardens!

I'll have to check out "The Queer Eye". If there's enough time between the shows on BBC America, TLC, and the Food Network... :)


I watched "Queer Eye" last night too and LOVED it. Unfortunately, I'm house sitting right now and don't have the Bravo channel, so I'll probably never get to see it again. What I did see this time, was very funny. My favorite part was when Carson was throwing Butch's clothes out of the closet with tongs and then when he said "1-800-ALARM-ME" after seeing the results. I couldn't stop laughing. I liked how they seemed to spare no expense and didn't talk about the cost of things. I also liked to see the men use the tips they were given and I loved watching what people were saying about them - hidden cameras are hilarious!
Jai has the best title - I saw them all on the Today show yesterday and Jai was called "the Culture Vulture" and that also cracked me up.
Ok, I'll stop now. I could go on and on...


I watched this last night and thought it was hilarious. I also watch the TLC version of What Not To Wear, both because I think it's pretty cool what they can do in a short amount of time and because I have a thing for Stacey :)

QEFTSQ was hilarious, and I think you nailed why. I thought they were all trying a little too hard in the end segment though. Other than that the only thing that made me say hmm was the all in one day thing. Like they could fly up food from Miami in an hour!

Both are fun though.


Great post. My favorite part of the Butch episode (the only one I've seen, and I don't have cable, ) was when one of his (many) ponytailed friends at the opening was defensively pouting and saying "But I don't want to cut off my hair - I think I look good" or something like that.

Also, for those of us of northern european extraction who tend toward paleness and chubbiness, it was a good reminder that scruffy beard and scraggly hair are not "slimming."

Jemaleddin S. Cole

Actually, the one-day thing doesn't seem like that big a deal, and in the butch episode, neither does the cost. Considering that everything they bought for his room seemed to be from Ikea, they could just pop out and pick up a few things.


The Butch episode was plausible, but the one following it -- The Unibrow Episode -- seemed far less likely. I actually wondered about the cost and time in that one, because they bought some *really nice* furniture, painted walls, tiled floors, covered the walls in the "Where the Wild Things Are" kitchen... And then flew up the gourmet spread from Miami that nobody liked. It's like watching sci-fi; you have to engage your Suspension of Disbelief.


"an apparent mission statement to make over only the dumpy middle-aged women"


brian w

Most of the interviews/articles I've seen about Queer Eye have noted that they actually take THREE days to get everything done. Which makes things a bit more plausible.

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