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July 10, 2003


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Well... you could write code for blog entries?


So maybe you should just write tiny posts babbling about how cute your wife is ;)


I don't know about everyone else, but I'd like to know what the first beverage you drink each day is. Every day.

July 13, 2003: Orange juice.


You could write *fake* development blog news, to scare off the competition:

TypePad (0.2)
July 10, 2003

* Added FTP-to-server ability, just like Blogger.
* Finished testing desktop publishing app (Mac and PC compatible) for download testing tomorrow.
* Made a PHP version of MT in my spare time, to shut up all the Forum users who keep requesting it.
* Added Audblog abilities via secret recording featuer in the new iPods. Automatically posts when user resynchs.
* Alpha version of direct thought-to-blog helmet in production. Wi-fi version coming soon. Codename: Telepad.
* Ate some cookies.

BTW--how are you liking Reefer Madness? Seemed a little short to me, but I might just be comparing it to Fast Food Nation too much.


ROTFL at Graham :)

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