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June 03, 2006


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The Erika Hall

wow - this is the need that vh1 shows have always filled for me (Top 100 Wacky Heavy Metal Moments) but perhaps I need to explore MTV for my hungover Saturday afternoons.


Oh, VH1 works, too! Two weekends ago I watched one of the best shows I've ever seen on television: "The Fabulous Life of: Filthy Rich Billionaires".

My favorite part was the segment about the yachts--since then, I've been somewhat obsessed with telling people about the ridiculous yachts that certain billionaires own and/or are building in order to top each other.


I couldn't help but notice your post and couldn't agree more. The up and coming MTV generation won't be a pretty sight.

And interestingly enough MTV and VH1 are owned by the same company. I met a Vassar grad who was one of the founders of MTV and he told me that after MTV they created VH1 as a fake competitor channel so they could entirely dominate the market for brainless, materialistic, but ever so entertaining media! (Word is VH1 starting production on a new reality tv show titled 'Ego Trip's the (white) Rapper Show'. Joy!)


I watched Parental Control the one night when I was in NYC. I find the most depressing part is that all these kids are in such shitty relationships. Who wants to date a chick that swears at your mom? Bad Parenting Theater.


+1 on what Anil said.

Fuck having the parents and current boyfriend sit around and watch the new boyfriends on TV; sit that girl down and have her watch how her boyfriend tells off her parents!


I gotta admit, I'm not completely convinced these shows are actually reality and not scripted. I knew somebody who was once on "Taildaters" -- that MTV dating show where your friends follow your date in a bus and send you messages along the way. Well, it turned out that show was actually scripted.


I cannot handle when Next comes on because it's always part of a 2 hour marathon, and I haven't the slightest willpower to turn it off. Really I think my favorite thing about it is how next gets used as a verb. I wish I could find situations in which to complain about someone "instantly nexting" me. But I guess I'd also need an MTV scribe to prompt me with my two-line tell-off, wouldn't I?

Personally, I find Date My Mom far more tragic than Parental Control. At least the parents on PC are acting (kind of) like parents and not (as much) like pimps. The part about DMM that's so uncomfortable and sad is that the mothers are almost always single parents and they're almost always trying to be their children's best friend. I don't know about other folks, but I'd much rather have a mom who, ya know, is like a mother than one who brags about my sexual prowess to would-be suitors whilst washing a car and having a fight over the hose. :(

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