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June 05, 2006


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I feel awkward admitting that it's not bad.



Ben wants people to like this song so much that he told me tonight "hey, listen to this new song by Gwent Stefani." After I admitted that it was good, he punk'd me with the "it's Paris Hilton!" line. This is what I have to live with.


mena> lol! I'll listen to it then :)

Jesse Gardner

The reason this song bugs me is because I have a hard time imagining she's passionate about it. That's the reason Taylor won American Idol, because even though the girl had a better voice and was more attractive, he loved to sing. Paris loves to make money and have sex. I agree, kudos to the songwriters and technicians, but if they're the masterminds, then let them take the spotlight, not the ditz with a hot body.

Papi Chulo

+100 PlasticMind


I'm not quite as out about pop music as you, but, yes, this satisfies my cravings quite nicely. (And not just because I'm picturing Paris in night vision, LOL)

PlasticMind: It's POP music! Passion and credibility just detract from the mindless bubblegum beauty of it all :)


It's gotten alot of really good reviews.
Have you seen the video?


God, I thought I was alone on this. But I actually like it cause it reminds me of that Blondie song, "The Tide is High"

The tide is high but I'm holding on
I'm gonna be your number one
I'm not the kind of girl
Who gives up just like that
Oh, no

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