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June 14, 2006


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Harold Check

best buy does suck. and the lack of competition to best buy sucks. if you end up still needing a television, you could try San Francisco Stereo on Market Street. More pricey, but they know their stuff. (And it shows up when you buy it.)


I had a bad experience with Best Buy as well. I wont buy from them again. I bought a Panasonic 37" HDTV (which I love). But getting it was a nightmare. Went in person and the guy made me buy a $150 cable for sound that my DVD player doesnt even have. That eventually went back and I bought some movies. But the issue was delivery. The guy showed up set it up by taking my cable and hooking it into the tv and goes "Ok all set". Im like dude I asked the store if you set up everything meaning the TIVO, DVD player, cable box, and hes goes nope. Then goes "Wheres my tip, yo?" and I said the tip is you better run dude. Not 20 minutes later Best Buy calls to ask how the install went. I said quite horribly and told him about the tip. He goes, "Oh I will send you a $25 gift card for your troubles." And hangs up. They have the worst customer service ever. Spent the latter part of the day hooking it up myself.


Heh.. I love entries with titles like this one. :)

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