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June 17, 2006


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For what it's worth, Sam's Club does the same thing. A friend of mine bought a home theater projector there and was assured by the manager at the time of purchase that he would be able to return it for any reason and get a full refund.

I think that these warehouse clubs are able to do it because you're a dues-paying member and not just some schmuck off the street. Of course, any schmuck off the street can walk up and become a dues-paying member for a small fee, but hey, whatever works for the warehouse clubs.

karen c.

Costco's return policy is pretty much 100% refund for anything at anytime (except for computers). This sucks for manufacturers because the policy is widely abused (think TV sales & the Superbowl). But it's great for the consumer.

Best Buy bought a company called Magnolia Home Theater and has been integrating it into BB as a mini-store. My experience with the Magnolia guys has been much better than with the regular BB staff. If anything they know too much and tend to drone on about the history of plasma TV... it might be worth it to give them a try.

Andrew Bunner

Gosh, that's a great story, Ben!

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