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July 22, 2006


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I tried that out myself, it's really fun, i've never even seen the show. :D


You should watch it! It's on Wednesdays on Bravo at 10pm (though there are usually replays throughout the week).


ben, if you wanna join, i've got a google group going that's for dishin' on the runway via email. let me know.


that's hilarious..

so, after all your posts about the tv, i assume you have cable or satellite, right?

it's totally blows, we haven't had either since we moved, so I've been relying on itunes to buy shows.

The first episode, and the pre-episode were up immediately, but the second one was about 5 days later, and who knows when I'll see this week's!

I know it's probably on bittorrent within 10 minutes, but I'm 2-legit-4-that. (and i don't know where to look)

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