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October 02, 2006


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last goodbye is very sad, but also rock, so it's okay..

most people's jeff buckley choice would be the obvious (halleluliah, however you spell that), mine would be his cover of "Satisfied Mind", last track on Sketches, which i believe was played at his own funeral.


I am an ABBA fan, but sorry Ben I don't agree with Fernando (English or Spanish versions).  "Winner Takes It All" would be my replacement


If you haven't already, post this to your last.fm blog too.

Even better, how about some sort of support for links/integration of some kind, between VOX and Last.fm?


Great idea.  I would start using it (last.fm) if there was Vox integration.  Hopefully you submitted it as Feedback to Team Vox.


When I saw Sweet Dreams on your list, I immediately thought of that scene from Coal Miner's Daughter. I love Patsy's voice.

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