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October 19, 2007


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Papi Chulo

I'm using the Exchange sync client on my Nokia to keep my calendar and contacts in sync with work, and I've heard that Leopard is going to have much better sync with Exchange as well... If that proves true, then I'm gonna go with Exchange for my central repository sync'd down to the phone and Mac.

If not, then I don't know what :)


What are you trying to sync?  I use RoadSync to keep my calendar, contacts and email on my N95 and it works great.  No dependencies on a computer being online.  I haven't checked that it works with N73 (and it does cost a little bit of money) but I love it...


I'm sync'ing my calendar and contacts from iCal and Address Book, respectively. It's not that the sync itself doesn't work (it works fine)--what bothers me is that this version of iSync has such a confusing interface to actually perform the sync.

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