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October 03, 2007


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[this is good] This is the kind of "cooking" I can get behind!


Ummm YUM!


[this is good] i'm now inspired to try to duplicate that!


[this is good] Looks intriguing!!  A quick thing I love to make is dates stuffed with soft goat cheese...yum yum!!


I had something similar recently, only they were stuffed with tiny bits of chorizo.  Tres yummy!


[this is good] oooo i bet you should add some pear in there.

Scott Kraft

[this is good] try a blue cheese instead of parmesan.


Quite tasty. I've also done chorizo-stuffed (mexican not spanish) and wrapped in bacon, if you want a meatier experience.

Also, for savory instead of sweet, try baked parmesean-stuffed green olives.


[this is good] Yummy!!!


[this is good] Gorgonzola plays very well in here too, I'd think better than parmesan since you'll already be getting fatty-salty from the bacon.

Team Rivetti

[this is good] Another delicious appetizer along this line is the black mission fig which is so abundant right now, quartered, tucked into a strip of proscuitto with a dab of chevre inside! Flash sear it in a pan and serve warm once the proscuitto has started to caramelize & chevre begins to ooze out of the sides!


Fresh figs halved, prosciutto wrapped around the exterior and dolloped with some gorgonzolaj on the cut middle, then grilled quickly under a hot grill.  Similar idea.  Equally delicious. 

Those dates sound very yummy.  Will have to try.


[c’est top] I've tried it and it was soooo delicious ! Thanks for the idea ;-)


[this is good] How could something so good sounding look so...BAD?

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