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March 16, 2010


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Anil Dash

I've been doing this for a while and it works quite well. Noticed the same plethora of unsubscribe methods when I was thinking about whether it'd be possible to do a Gmail userscript that would let me add a native-looking Unsubscribe button into the UI to handle this as part of the app itself. Guess that could be crowdsourced if people specified what method a particular newsletter uses, kind of like Bugmenot.

Brittney Gilbert

I, too, did this. Seemed useless for a while, then got inundated with junk. So one day I deliberately went back and began unsubscribing myself, as well as unsubscribing from all in the future.

Some were quick and easy, like, "Bye!" Others were like a really bad break-up: "Tell me why you won't stay with me! I want the truth!"

Abe Hassan

My favorite is the text that goes something like, "exclude me from future mailings".


My favorite is the one where unsubscribing adds me to a new mailing list.

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